U Bolt

Cold Bent U bolt

Suspension Parts

Shackle Assembly

Shackle plate and Top plate

Shackle assembly and Top plate

Shackle and Top plate assembly

Sheet Metal Group

Press Components - Castor plates, Suspension spacers, Gear box selectors

Shaft Group

Precision shafts for Alternators, Gear box and Suspensions

Shafts and Pins

Spacers & Washers

Spacers and washers

Scissor Jack & Screw Jack

Scissor Jack assembly

Screw Jack assembly

Safety Critical -Steering

IBJ and Rack tubes

Steering Ball Joint and Yoke Plugs

Socket plugs

Steering column and tube bracket assembly

Steering linkages - Cars

Safety Critical - Brake

Brake and Clutch Link Rods

Brake Link Rods

Brake shafts

King Pin

King Pin for Light Commercial Vehicles

King Pin for Heavy Commercial Vehicles


Special High Tensile Fasteners

Screws, Pins, Breather and dowels

Special fasteners & Special screws

Drain Plugs

Magnatic drain plug assemblies

Magnatic drain plugs

Special cold forged plugs

Cold Forged Components

Forged and Machined Plugs

Aluminum Cold Forged Components

Cold Forged Components

Cold Forged Plug Bolts and Check nuts

Clevis Pin Group

Hardended Clevis Pins

Hardened Pins and Hitch pins

Check Nut

Check Nuts and Plug bolts

Banjo Bolt Group

Banjo Bolts

Banjo Bolt Eyes

Aluminium Machined Parts

Wheelchair Hubs, Brake Chamber Pistons, Pulleys

Gear Box Group

Gear Box Selectors